Month: October 2019

Shopping for a loan – a few words of truth about credit cards

How convenient it is to use credit cards, everyone who has had them in their hands knows. Shopping in stores, supermarkets and large shopping chains without spending your own money from your wallet, as well as withdrawing cash from an ATM in an emergency “emergency” are the main advantages of credit cards. It is no […]

Invest your money for a greener future for both you and the environment – Private Loan

The discussion about the climate is hotter than ever. Many people try to choose climate-smart alternatives when they shop and this affects our consumption in terms of food, vehicles and other choices.   Funds with low climate impact Which funds you put your money into can make a big difference to our planet. It is […]

Can the money we get on credit bring happiness? – Cash Loan

Money can open up a lot of possibilities for a person – to buy many different things, for example, the latest design shoes, the most powerful car, the most beautiful apartment, as well as money for various services that not only facilitate but also improve everyday life. Nowadays, there are so many goods that it […]

The easiest way to save money is not to spend when you are sad

Do you know what the saying is – sorrow is not stingy? Let me explain to you. This saying means that when we are sad or sad, we often spend much more money than we would if we had not been sad. And even scientists have proved it.   Study: People spend more money when […]